5 High Protein recipes for trained weight watchers and fresh food lovers

The web is full of healthy recipes and choosing becomes hard sometimes.

The reason why you should try ours is that:

  • You can cook them in 5 minutes with a simple plate;
  • Fresh Ingredients are international and can be found in any good supermarket even in small cities;
  • They all are very digestive and tasteful.

Here under some very interesting combinations of proteins from fish with vegetables and healthy oils.

Feel free to write us back if you do not think that my recipes are fulfilling as described. You can further customize, replacing the protein source.

Preparation and cooking method:

Cut in slices and cook quickly on a hot plate with some pinch of salt. First put vegetables, then after 2 minutes put fish. That’s it. 

Do not cook the fish too long: roast it, only, on his side and leave it fresh inside.


According to your needs. Listen to your body.

Other rules:

With fish, the best oil for taste is sesame seeds, but you can use also linen seeds and coconut butter. These oils are great also nutritionally: proteic, full of polinsaturaded fats.

The skin of the fish can be eaten, if you like it: no worries for that.


  • Salmon steak with fennel slices and chia seeds,
  • Salmoned trout with fennel and eggwhite,
  • Sword fish with white cauliflower and black pfeffer or curry;
  • Tuna steak with eggwhite, Savoy cabbage and chia seeds,
  • Argentinian big shrimps or other shellfish (such as lobster) with red radicchio, egg white and balsamic vinegar.

Just try these simple recipes. No bread, no potatoes. Eat as much as you feel you need.

To drink: a good bicarbonate water to help digestion and wash away any unnecessary fat.

Why all this is healthy: 

No unnecessary carbohydrates. It integrates your daily workout and doesn’t block your activities in any way. Flat belly granted.

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