Integrators and Music for trainings

Running and rope jumping are somewhat hard on knees, if performed on street and ceramic tiles instead that on parquet.

Today I performed two trainings, one HIIT in the morning and a 6 km mild running in the evening.
I feel deeply satisfied of my integrators for joints. I also feel satisfied of my preworkout and taurine-caffeine. Integrators are really best friends, who support you and work in the background. After only 1 month of daily training, my performances improved significantly both in terms of weight loss and body sculpting and of endurance and elasticity. Even skin improved.

Integrators are absolutely necessary for anybody wanting seriously to take care of himself. Without integrators, effort is high and results are low.

Good music is also a key element in training. A music that supports your path can really pump you as an integrator and make you concentrate only on the training instead of watching around the landscape. A good running keeps the focus on the street and on the breathing.

After the running, I also took a cortisol regulator and that helped me really to get relaxed.

Integrators and music are definetly my best friends.

I like what I do, as I feel deeply well, but I need to reach a next step. Just asking myself, which one could be.

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