Total Body Nutrition Plan for Enhanced Life

After many trials, I can confirm my short list food for training, before and after and during all the day. 

I had great results in 1-2 months, both losing weight and building muscles again after a long sleeping timeframe.

In the morning before training I confirm only sweet sour tastes of vitamins and superfoods. Vitamins, and thermogenic superfood such as guarana, ginger, green coffee plus taurine and light BCAA. Taste: orange, apple, lemon. Breakfast shall be reserved to cleaning and energy.

Then, BCAA are great again after workout for restoring and building, without superfoods, but with Q10 and other supplements for fatigue of brain and joints such as chondroitin and turmeric.

Oat to be taken if mass gaining is a goal, otherwise corn without gluten is the best alternative to stay thin in every body part. 

A fruit after training such as banana is always fine together with protein powders.

Protein powders, either slow release or isolated upon the case, are always a quick solution in every place and at any time. 

The slow release ones are ideal when there is not possibility to respect meals: they give full energy for more than 5 hours all the day long, when the goal is not building muscles, but having right energy to do whatever. 

Alternatively, some pills in the bag of BCAA and superfood can solve any issue in half an hour of activation, as immediate energy providers, without ambition to be a meal. 

Basically, pills contain the purest and concentrated natural resources, therefore, except for psychological and physiological reasons, they can be assumed at any time, replacing meals (in contrast with what indicated on any packaging).

At any time of the day and without training purposes, Antistax with red grapes extracts is always the solution for everybody needing light legs and boosted circulation. 

Nuts can be taken all the day long, after first breakfast. 

All nuts are very rich for tissues and fine except hazelnuts. Combined with cocoa and milk as in most snacks (even proteic), they drive attention away from training. Too sweet, they create dependance. 

On the contrary, bitter raw cocoa powder alone with coconut milk or powder proteins is great. Mix cocoa as less as possible with sugar. 

Peanuts are always great.

Cashews are very great too, more delicate in taste.

Pistachios are great as a middle snack between salty and sweet. Great alone at lunch time or as appetizers it can be easily combined with curry or fish.

Coconut milk is fine all the day long, alone or combined with cocoa, coffee and spices, such as cinnamon, which is good for glycemic control and internal hygiene.

Finally, as a salty snack, simple oat/corn plates with salt, linen oil (antinflammation rich in Omega 3), and spices (curry, paprika, ginger) is fine and keep in line. Raw fish (simple cooking) “dinner limited” can be fine, too.

Quantities are personal, according to bodies and goals.

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