Music for Mind Feeding

Feel the light, not the painThe Power lyrics by Dumont

The relationship with music is completely emotional. Music stimulates our brain and influences our mood as pharmaceuticals. It goes on frequencies and vibes.

As stated by science, music impacts on reasoning, concentration, reaction abilities. 

A wellness trainer has to offer not only a series of exercises combined with nutrition plan, but also a good soundtrack, to psychologically support during training. If people were aware of their needs, they would not need trainers. If people need trainers, it means they need to modify their routine. Music is a key factor, together with nutrition and fashion. 

Day and night. Mind is without limits. It explores different dimensions at different times and behaviors change accordingly. I am surfing electronic waves and moving with house beats. Even one-two rythms such as R&B and RAP awaken my attention. 

I love listening to lyrics, too. These styles are rich in wording. Depending on the hour of the day, I find a booster for my brain or relaxing waves. 

Electronic waves in particular helps my concentration for digital surfing, especially at night. I guess trading could share similar waves, keeping high alert on senses and inner self perception. 

I find it difficult to share a limited space with anybody choosing something I am not tuned with. I hardly could make a long car travel or share hours in a room with the wrong music. 

It is like breathing. What goes directly to brain or to heart can not be easily compensated.

Lyrics are also full of motivational quotes. Anybody should find his owns. 

Today, I trained mainly with “Do you remember me” by Alex Gaudino and with The Power. I fell in a deep dimension of memories, from where this song could rescue me out.

I guess anybody might have his dimensions. A good trainer helps you finding the right vibes.

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