My Friends Integrators

I like taking pictures of them as if they were people.

Hereunder a shortlist of my daily friends. I chose them for the combination of ingredients, supplying energy all the day long in various ways.

They contain the purest herbs and spices mixed with acids and minerals.

Ready in a few minutes, they are safely preserved waiting to be consumed and to take action inside your body and mind.

Fresh food need to be bought daily and used wisely and mathematically, but with nuts and some strategies also natural food can support you as integrators. Some of them can be stored. I am speaking of peanuts, cashews, sesame, coconut. They all release proteins and energies slowly during the day.

I need to add pure coconut milk, that is great as gastroprotecor and gives immediate comfortable energy. It soothes, literally. Bought among “normal food” it acts like a superfood under fluid formula.

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