Essentials for daily workout

In 3 months you can lose weight and get in shape working from home. With the integration of weights and some tools, any functional circuit can be enhanced for increased endurance and muscles definition.

Each body is different, but mechanical guidelines can be shared. Ask for customization.

For special goals, I will support with nutrition and advice on stretching.

Example of daily circuit
Special Cardio Programme By BiotechUSA Testimonial. It requires the will to jump, as it comprises burpees. Available for translations and explanations.
Example of tool that can be bought to perform pushups
This cardio program can be replaced by 2 songs of rope jumping or tapis roulant running at different speeds.
A good training makes you feel tired and pumped.
A smart watch is better, but not reliable.
Use it to track your history, rather than fixing goals.
Available for special videos on stretching, as inherited from Yoga.

For quick advice:

WhatsApp: +393497713233 currently based in Parma. Transfer from 120 euro for fuel.

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