Hair removal for men

If you are an ambitious man, striving to have a really clean body showing all your muscles or need it soft to be caressed by your partners, then you need to shave it.

Removing men’s hair generates more suffering than for women, as they are thicker, deeper rooted. It is anyway very simple.

1) the first time use an electric epilator (you can buy an epilady/Braun on Amazon) because hair are long;

2) from the second time, you can already use wax (which grants a quicker and deeper result with softer skin). A great trademark on international market is VEET. You can start with single stripes, then buy the professional kit.

Use appropriate calendula ant-inflammation oil after wax.

ou can do it all yourself. Not difficult at all, exempted for intimate parts. You will have to move a bit legs or arms in comfortable positions.

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