Survival Days

During last week I have been experiencing living in my car. Never happened before. I literally have been sleeping inside my car. This obliged me to develop new life strategies .

I can confirm that a good training can be done everywhere. I posted something on my Facebook page named Excel.

Then, I can say that the first priorities for a nomad are 1) water, 2) toilets, 3) wifi and electricity, 4) fuel for car, 5) food.

You have to face the variation of temperatures and learn to find a position to sleep. Bad position makes you tired. You have to wash somewhere and to keep your electric devices charged. If you need to shave or cut your hair or make manicure or wash clothes, then you need mechanic tools without electricity, such as strips.

I will maybe write a deeper article in all issues, for example a list of all the necessary tools to have in your bag.

Short video

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