Training with weights – intermediate level

Three years ago I created the EnhancedYoga style. I practiced yoga flows with weights to ankles and wrists, doing 10 repetitions movements and applying soft music.

After 3 years, I went back to my method and evolved over at an intermediate level.

JI studied better bodybuilding and calisthenics. I also got deeper into nutrition and experienced survival strategies.

I now make functional circuits that enclose some yoga Asana for stretching.

Then, I confirmed weights to wrists and ankles, and moreover added pull-up bar, Paralletes, elastic bends, weights used as kettlebell.

My functional circuit could still be defined enhanced yoga in a way, but now it would be better defined, simply, as BodySculpting for endurance and elasticity. During this training, endurance and elasticity are trained at the same level. The leading music can vary from electric to black hip pop, as the rhythm of the repetitions mainly goes on 1-2.

For the cardio session, though, a high speed music such as soft Tecno Trance is needed. However, you can also practice in silence, listening to your own breath, while counting the reps. In this case, sequences are from 20 to 60. You can do more, of course, until muscle failure.

I took much inspiration from BodyBuilding, studying how not to train muscles to failure, but reaching concrete results in a few months.

Adding weight is key to mass gaining. Without weight, body can only be toned up in many months, reaching a bulk aThletic shape, not a shredded sculpted one. Weights : 1) elevate heart beat for the effort, 2) oblige muscles to expand and contract at maximum, 3) engage all other body parts for support. Doing simple squats with or without weights changes a lot. Doing ABS scissors dramatically changes with or without weights.

My basic sequence goes from 20 to 60 minutes, basically divided as follows:

1) stretching and upper body warm Up with lunges and squats, 2) planking and core body activation with kicks and push-ups, 3) focus on ABS and Shoulders. HIIT can be easily reached adding mountain climber and capoeira kick or other jumping as burpes.

A cardio session of running/rope jumping/bike can be specifically added upon the case.

About Shoulders: push-ups variety is important. Pull-ups add a lot and speed up the processes. Elastic bends used as lat machine complete the session.

About ABS: Russian twists and scissors do most of the job.

About core: Planking does almost everything at a basic level: it activates and tones up everything, therefore it is to be considered preliminary.

Stretching with some Asanas, specifically: 1) forward bend, 2) warrior 1 and 2, 3) warrior twists, 4) chair squats, 5) triangles, 6) “aratro”, 7) lord of the fishes, 8) cobra. These Asanas can be performed for some seconds or longer, but in all cases they ensure that the body keeps the elasticity needed to face any situation. In particular triangles open the lumbar spine.

About legs: they can be toned Through all warriors. For specific shaping and mass gaining, weights and machines are necessary.

About HIPS: squats can be done in many ways. From lunges to chair, hips will be toned. For specific rounding up, then you need weights.

About clothing: pair gym shoes are the best ones for weight balance (but I use also boots), then stretching clothes are suggested. A multilevel clothing is very comfortable: stretching wool/silk under, comfortable tech wind stopper over.

This kind of training can be performed anywhere and is endless, because weights can be elevated, according to your strength. Even cardio session can be enhanced adding weights to ankles. Try to go running with weights and see how the effort changes.

Here over a selfie picture of myself to show results on my body in three months, starting from the loss of 10kg after 2 years of complete inactivity.

About related nutrition, I mainly eat whey proteins, drink preworkout, and complete Adding some pills of greens and vitamins, fresh fruits (coconut, banana, avocado and pineapple), nuts (peanuts, cashews and pistachios), fresh animal proteins (salmon/fishes and beef) and eggs. I do not eat legumes and cereals any longer. Among veggies, i choose avocado and cauliflower. I do not eat white/cane sugar and potatoes. I have honey and corn instead. Among Spices: fresh ginger, salt, pepper, red hot chili.

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