A journey to essential training

I had the chance to test different kind of trainings for different purposes. I came to the conclusion that working on strenght with attention to elasticity is the most useful and versatile health tool. It can be enhanced easily, upgrading to higher intensity with additional weights, tools or machines.

Shortly, a basic workout can be done without any tool, changing position of wrists and feet in push-ups, planking, lunges, kicks, squatting and warriors lunges. These simple variations change the distribution of the body weight. Opening or closing arms, turning wrists, turning feet, going deep or high with lunges is enough for FULL BODY TONING and MAINTENANCE.

For MASS GAINING weights are essential. You can not avoid to add weights.

In the GYM, weights are external, applied to machines, and all you do it pulling or pushing.

Outside the Gym, you can choose different kind of weights: 1) ankles, 2) wrists, 3) dumbell, 4) kettlebell, 5) vest, 6) other objects used as weights for example a wheel.

For real beginners, it is suggested a YogaFit flow starting from the mat, slowly coming on standing positions. Music helps a lot, as an integrator.

For toned people, having some practice of sports, such as easygoing runners and bikers or skiers, it is suggested to start from upstanding position and quickly add weights to the flow when you stop feeling tired.

A good workout must be challenging. You have to feel body and heart engaged. Relaxing, releasing and simple stretching or average yoga is not a strenght and core workout.

About Yoga and Calistenics, yoga is very suggested to people needing to recover at any level, calisthenics is for challenging people having already a strong base of energy. Ideal for street dancers and athletes. Disco dancers shall better workout in gym or do functional circuits.

For intermediate people to athletes, the progression in easy. Adding weights, pull-up bar and parallettes, you can not but seriously enhance your strenght and gain mass.

For a BULK BODY, you have to eat all kind of proteins, some fats and gluten/carbohydrates welcome.

For a SHREDDED sculpted body, you have to take INTEGRATORS while eliminating many organic foods.

If you learn the basics of essential training, you can face any situation in life.

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