Maintenance Diet: a comparison between shredded and bulk BodyBuilding

After the weight loss, a maintenance programme becomes necessary to integrate in normal daily life and continue to gain mass only where wished.

Premise: my extreme diet was thought for a 163 cm body with medium bones of a 40 years old individual. It is therefore easy to understand that bodies of 189 cm or of young people have different metabolism. My guidelines, as being essential, can be easily adapted, adding quantity and variety.

For shredded body:

After the weight loss, introduce carbs very gradually and very carefully, through nuts, seeds, fish, and selected meat with very simple cooking without added oils. Selected raw vegetables: avocado, cauliflower, spinach.

Coconut is the leading fruit for any use: under milk form, grated deshidrated with honey, fresh or under sugar form. It supplies high quality slow release energy as medium chain carbohydrates and it is ideal in the morning, but can be taken at any time.

For maintenance, eating twice a day is enough.

– Choose the morning for the sweet, so that you have all the day to burn and to face the glycemic peak. If you like to eat any dessert, do it for breakfast.

– Leave salty food for dinner, adding a few salt (great with pepper/red hot chili) only if necessary (otherwise use sauces). Select a few raw vegetables (avocado best). Salt, fats and breads/potatoes/cereals lead to water drinking and retention, which is bad for shredding. If you practice sport or workout, eat accordingly, so that you have all the calories in advance.

– During all the day, do not drink a lot of natural water, but only water (600 ml) with added vitamins/preworkout, so that you never have loss of energies or of concentration.

For bulk body:

With regard to this diet:

– replace chicken with salmon/fish,

– replace full egg with egg white.

– Joghurt with lactose not necessary, your choice to take the ones with added lactobacillus or similar.

For reference, read original article here by MensHealth at the link.

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