Muscles to failure reconstruction technique

To change your body quickly you have to work on the dangerous line of muscles failure. This means you have to stress yourself with repetitions until you are so tired non to move.

To limit the risk, better higher number of repetitions with low weight. If you feel confident, increase the weight and limit the repetitions.

At that point, you have to stay inside the functional circuit and change exercise.

At the end of the day you have to let your body sleep as long as he needs. Your sleeping position will change. Muscles and harm-strings need to be rebuilt.

This technique is great for stretching. It allows to gain many centimeters and to engage all body balance. It is also dangerous, as it may cause ernia. It must be practiced with awareness. It is not fitness for fun even if done with music.

Mean while, you have to intake integrators for connectivity and collagen and anti-inflammatory to let tissue repair quickly.

This training is not for everyday. At least one day off.

Tipsw: better using ankles and wrists weights than kettlebell. Keep the job on isometric. Do not work on muscle isolation, unless you want to practice “ginnastica correttiva” and bodybuilding. Keep the movement on axis.

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