Salty dinner for weight loss and mass gaining

The recipe for weight loss is more challenging Than for mass gaining. To the weight loss recipe, simply add ingredients such as:

1) eggs with pistachios and oat flakes;

2) meat with legumes,

Some tasty recipes for losing weight, while preserving muscles are:

1) avocado with seeds, coconut and salt pfeffer. For a wider choice, you can add raw cauliflower apart, you can add a spirulina warm cream apart, full of iron.

2) fresh tuna steak with avocado and seeds cream;

3) fresh salmon steaks (or rough tartare) with ginger chips or vegan mayonnaise;

4) fresh white fish with green sauces or other curry and pineapple sauce;

5) roasted chicken slices with peanut butter;

6) shrimps with pfeffer avocado and corn sauces or grated coconut;

7) red meat tartare (or grinded “macinato”) with lemon, pfeffer and salt or quickly cooked some minutes with/without added concentrated tomato sauce and red hot chili ; or


About drinks, bicarbonate water is the most effective popular option. Energy drink with preworkout ingredients (usually with BCAA and digestive purifying ingredients) is the best choice ever. All other drinks must be accurately evaluated.

Red meats require more salt, therefore more drinking and lead to water retention. Better avoid until you reached the weight goal, if your goal is to loose very quickly.

8) red meat roasted slices with balsamic or BBQ sauces or simple rosemary/sage.

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