The difference between HIIT and Weight Lifting for Body Sculpting

HIIT is great for 1) weight loss, 2) keeping greatly fit (strength and agility and endurance).

It is ideal for trained people to keep high standards and having limited time resources, such as managers or militaries/martial arts.

HIIT is hard to “normal” people. Finding motivation to train at that heart rate (from 98 to 170 beats) is challenging to normal people. It is a higher level of workout, needing technical nutrition. Technical clothes and tools. Technical approach. Technical motivation. It works with functional circuit and flows method, without interruptions.

Weight Lifting trains heartbeat throughout weight effort and can be set personally indoor in the gym, gradually. While increasing weights, heart rate improves. Cardio can be added at any time. The result is guaranteed. It is only a time of frequency and related nutrition. Muscle is often led to failure. Recovery is needed.

Hereafter an article from an international trainer on how HIIT it works

Choose the training in accordance with your goals, standards and, last but not least, mood.

Hereunder an analytic article in

Testosterone Nation is a valuable website on BodyBuilding. Followed since 2016.
These elastics can be used as lat machine.
Squat University is a very technical website with technical images.
HIIT cardio on the tapis roulant. Do not really rest, simply slow down to walking.
Alternative HIIT with jumping (burpees), running on place (skipping), mountain climber (good for ABS too) for active managers in a rush.
Planking and Push-Ups define all core.
Setting arms at different distance will train different parts of the arms.

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