Better sex performances

There are no big secrets to sex performances.

We simply need to be in good health. This means you eat the right food and are mentally quiet.

In case of tiredness, you shall simply sleep more or take some integrators to boost circulation and metabolism. You also need to control cortisol, that may affect your sensations. It all goes on the speed of reaction to stimulus. Some people are very slow and weak, other are very quick and very sensitive.

Integrators such as Tribulus terrestrials help a lot to be reactive. Other as Fosfatidilserina helps relaxing and feeling deeper sensations.

The list is still long, as you may take combination of boosters, based on your body weight and standards.

In all cases, practicing workout is key to good sex. Deep stretching for ladies helps relaxation in any position. Strength workout for men helps self confidence. Having hands touching muscles is seriously exciting. This is something you can have only with workout.

Without muscles, sensations go much more on the creation of the right environment. Music, food, location, toys, role plays, couples and third people. Your mind doesn’t need the physical emotions arising from the body, as it relies on the suggestions of the situation. This usually works. Creating situations usually is successful. The effort applied is rewarded by true emotions. Unpredictability is part of the pleasure. Respect of roles is a guarantee of fair play.

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