When can we drink beer?

Birra Chiara filtrata a freddo

After many months of strict diet for muscles buildings and body sculpting, yesterday I had a pizza and a beer. The pizza was very well done with fresh quality ingredients and right levitation. It was light. A few salt . Easy to digest.

The beer was very light, too. A 4,3% alcol. Only 37 kcal per 100 ml. Filtered artigianally with cold process. This way of production is nice because it respects the quality of the cereals from which the beer is done.

At the very end, a beer is water with cereals. The fermentation process makes the difference. Yesterday I never felt alcohol. Nothing at all. On 55 cl.

Today I feel great and I still have my flat belly with V-line. I also had 3 simple (without creams and marmelades or chocolate) brioches this morning.

I will do my daily workout soon. I didn’t have empedenzioketric tool to measure the effective changes of water and fat percentage in my body mass, therefore all I am writing now is based on empirical body sensations.

The conclusion is that by way of exception, a beer can be taken sometimes, if it is a high quality beer, unless you are an athlete, who needs to control body mass everyday.

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