Body Postures and Body Language: weak and strong people. Wanted and unwanted.

Body postures tell us a lot about 1) character, 2)education, 3) social framework, 4) desired message to the audience.

I will upload gradually a series of images of the postures to be avoided and marked by me as weak or too much conventional.

Too much conventional means that the intention is to create unnatural and unrealistic good feelings in the audience. There is a need for truth. A need for reliability. People must know who to trust and why. That simple. It is not a matter of aesthetic, but of consistency.

For example, DJs and singers are usually very consistent. They always give confidence to their audience. They have a very realistic and consistent style. For this reason, their concerts can count on thousands of people.

Sportspeople are often very consistent as DJs.

Body postures can be improved with appropriate training. What can not be improved is the intention of the picture. That is a matter of pure “image management strategy”. Like design.

I personally tell to my best “friends” when the picture is under their standards. I use social media for this. Simple comments under their image.

Why all this? Because social media have completely changed our social relations. Influencers and stars and politicians are now very near and accessible. Before social media the power of images was of newspapers/ magazines and television.

The actress is here clearly weak, wanting to appear a good sweet shy lady. This is either an error or a wanted strategy to arise good feelings in the audience.
Very strong and proud body posture

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