Simple solution to “colpo di sonno” (suddenly falling asleep/nodding off)

Brooklin Chewing Gun contains sugar and fenilanina.

Travelling all night and can not stop to sleep? Resting under the sun at Noon for whatever reason? No problem. With a couple of strategies you will stay awake and performing.

To prepare to a travel (in life organization is everything):

1- first take your integrators of potassium, magnesium and caffeine (for endurance at hot temperature);

2- take only highly hydrating food which do not involve digestion heavily (coconut and nuts are great in place of bread and complex carbohydrates);

Then, specifically, :

3 – to stay awake, take guarana pills in good quantity and quality (you decide according to your general health status but keep in mind it is the strongest superfood available);

4 – if you are in an annoying position, add a Brookling chewing gum. The action of chewing keeps brain oxygenated and belly fullfill ed. These chewing gum are added with Fenilanina, which helps enduring tiredness and prevents belly to interfere with your need for concentration. As explained in other blog post, brain and belly are connected. They stimulate each other. Directly.

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