Borderline Between Male and Female

Between male and female I feel male, but it is something mental. I am physically a female.

I changed my outlook drastically. I cut my hair alone and workout alone under any conditions. Should I take part to any competition, the two aspects shall be considered.

Height, weight, body composition, blood on one side.

Attitude towards life on the other side.

The female and male issue has a value only where sex has direct effects on 1) muscles and sports parameters 2) sexual behaviors. Fashion is not an issue. I had problems to buy t-shirts of my size in the male side. This means that industry is not yet ready to consider hybrid standards. But this is not a problem. If I were a lady in the mind, I would probably cry at racism or sexism, but I simply search for what fits best. Sport casual fashion is usually fine. We do not need an additional TRANS category. Once we have male, female and other it is enough. It goes without saying that “other” is something relating to psychological aspects. Nature is still genitally “male” and “female”. “Other” is simply someone who feels different from original female or male and take behaviors according to this feeling. 

Technically speaking, a trans (from male

To female) becomes a female only after surgery. Before surgery, it is all “nuances and clouds” between male and female. 

So, it is correct to give to people the chance to express their feeling in place of their genitality on documents. Male and Female will be the “original” sex category at birth. “Other” is the free choice of the person during life. A trans, even after surgery, should stay under “other”. For fashion purposes, then, industries can ask whatever. But at that point, body measures are the ones that counts. Not the sex. 

What for matters sex exactly? 

On autobus it matters whether you are old or pregnant. 

On the job it matters whether you have family with children or not.

In the banks it matters only how much you earn.

In sport it matters only because of body features. 

When you get divorced, sex is not the issue, but who pays who. 

For this reason, women and men when building a family should agree how to manage careers and time for children. It is an issue of roles and organization. The one who dedicates to family more, in place of career, should get a small integration by the partner if there is real loss of career. In this way, we can avoid women from crying maternity rights and claim they did not succeed on Job because sacrificing for family. In case of divorce, this integration would be evidence of good conduct and the man would have right to get out easily. 

Assurances/Banks are the answer. Give a special remuneration to your wife for the family job while together. This is the price for freedom. Everything has a price. We can not ask the Governor to pay for kids. Children are a choice of the couple. Instead of building a house, they make children. Making children is something economic, not only a

Result of “baci&abbracci”. Condoms and anti pregnancy pills exist. Even abortion exists.

Men are the first responsible of children: women can not self inseminate. If a man doesn’t want the partner to be pregnant, he practices coitus interruptus and avoids pregnancy. A Man must know when it is the time to have children with a woman.

A man knows his woman.

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