Love Affair: the financial management

It seems from GQ that many Italians, 1 on 5, have a bank account for secret lovers.

They are married people. Not single.

If this is true, the “love business” is huge. I am wondering how ISTAT (national statistic institute) and banks are accounting all this in the final year balance.

I am also wondering how heavy is all this when Politicians deal at the round table with stability issues and planning for financing.

It seems that the all porno industry is very developed.

Can we talk a bit of “the love affair” in macro tearms instead than chatting on emotions and hidden G points? Or other very simple issues?

I personally do not think Italians have a specific bank account for sex in that proportion, but I can be wrong.

Practically speaking, how do you all manage your love expenses? What about people in other countries?

Article by GQ

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