How to manage overweight : Best practice

There are various exercises that can be done by people who are overweight or recovering from a surgery or simply feel weak.

Losing confidence with the body shall be I rly a temporary timeframe. Anybody can enjoy his body again.

I will put here below the links to some exercises I found on the web. Basically, they are all postural practices working with free body. You will work with your own weight and will find again perception of your body.

The first video here under shows some very simple movements like animals and kids. I recommend it because it is crawling on 4 points : 2 hands plus 2 feets. This is great for everyone

Postural academy – animal movements

I will publish a video with exercises with the wall. The wall is great for people needing recovery.

(To be updated)

I will publish a video with stability ball, which is great for many people and works even on genitals.

(Coming soon)


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