How to organize a dinner with friends. Pleasing and costs watching

Herrings are affordable, can be easily dressed at raw, without cooking.

YOUR HOME, YOUR RESTAURANT – Even paying full price at supermarkets, with only 10 – 16 euro (for the main meal only), a great dinner can be organized.

Today I bought 600 gr pure fish proteins, divided between salmon and herrings. I added only a few ingredients for the dressing and treated myself as being at the reastaurant.

A dish fish never costs less than 18 -20 euro when very simple. A fish/meat portion is usually around 100 – 180 proteins. Then you have other food and the wine. If a fish dinner usually costs around 80 euro per person, with 20 euro per persona you can organize a main meal, a veggies contour, and the drink.

Then, organizing a dinner with friends requires creativity and costs watching. If you do not have the right recipes, your guests will go away easily annoyed.

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