Endurance Test

Want to test your endurance for the world? The world is dominated by athletic and dumb runners.

Therefore you have to make them happy and go running. You have to prove they are wrong with they standards.

The medium for running 1 km is 4,50 minutes. That is the stantard set by instructors for police and other competitions. Under that timing you are out of valuable standards

Either you do martial arts or calisthenics of any other sport, you finally have to run your “fucking km”.

This is my result after months of no running. I only jump rompe once a week and make HIIT weight lifting up to 149 heart rate.

You can run the km all in one shot or you can divide it into laps.

Today I

– run 400 m as warm-up

– run 800 m as endurance

– run 200 m high speed x 2

– run 100 m for fun.

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