A house for everybody

One Shot Solutions

Briefly my thoughts about the essential need of the weakest categories.

Once health is granted, people need 30sqm somewhere in the world to set their domicile and basic objects and to determine themselves.

Without a small housing solution, people will not be granted the right and freedom to evolve, to improve themselves, to age without sorrows. 

Any human being needs a small place to rest, to eat something, to follow up burocracy, to plan the “Tomorrow to-do list”.

That said, it is responsibility of all governments to provide minimal housing solution to their people, located in the best places, near services and city centers, in order to avoid new favelas and ghettos.

These housing shall be granted at a very small price to anybody not having a first house alone. The right to these houses shall be lost with marriage or huge inheritance or higher remuneration for more than 5 years. (After 5 years of high remuneration the house will be assigned to new people). People with higher remuneration will be obliged to buy a bigger house somewhere else, with the help of local real estates. A portion of their remuneration will be compulsory taken to buy the new bigger house. Real estates and banks will be obliged to cooperate to the housing project and will update the government on the economical situation of people benefiting. 

These houses shall be organized as residence anywhere appropriate  in the world and security officers shall update the list of people benefiting. 

People in these houses shall have right to social basic care, such as special discounts from supermarkets. 

A special antitrust office shall be established to check that procedures are not corrupted and to listen to people having any need. 

This is my best contribution to the improvement of social life of people anywhere.

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