Which water for which use?

The pills I take every day, which keep me safe from bacterias and inflammations, no matter the water I drink.

I’ve heard and read many theories about the right water.

Well, to make it simple, water is only water.

Water is only H2O with some additional minerals and eventually CO2. Of course it is better to take the chance to drink a good water, but it is not the element that makes the big difference in a diet.

Have you aver asked to people obsessed by water if they know what kind of water is inside a Coke? A Beer? An energade? Well, these water phanatics pay attention only at supermarkets or at restaurants, but I am sure they do not even ask themselves about all other water they drink in many other ways. Nor they refuse to drink water at restaurant if they Do not find their best trademark.

Low sodium and high potassium and magnesium is better to control blood pressure.

During my wild life I experienced any kind of water. Even water of car wash or of city gardens. Not that bad. Some with heavier taste of tubes, someone less. It has to be noticed that water from car wash after 4 days in a bottle Starts to germinate and becomes somehow muddy. So, better other waters.

As I add integrators or lemon or ginger, I feel less the taste of water and I keep it disinfected. It is important to daily disinfect the body with herbs and acids (ginger, lemon, other acids) or specific fruits (pomegrenate, grapefruits) or, better, specific products (pills). At the end, I did not increase water retention or got inflammation.

The conclusion is that it is better to have a reliable water for your consumption, but it is not key in anything unless you have a coffee/cocktail bar. 

In coffee, water makes the difference. In cocktails too. The organolectic and the hardness mix is important for the taste, the roundness, the digeribility. 

Then, each country has his waters. For this reason we can not make limited reasonings about Italian trademarks. Water is a national affair. 

For example, for a good coffee it is perfect to have an oligomineral soft water like Fonte Essenziale and Panna. 

For a good refreshing water in restaurant, better a bicarbonated naturally sparkling water like Uliveto, Ferrarelle, Lete. The bubbles in water can be small and refined as in champagne. Pay attention to the effect of the bubbles. Better small. 

For cocktails, instead, better a light but strongly sparkling with added CO2 that is more resistant to ice and other ingredients, such as Levissima or Rocchetta. Big bubbles are fine in cocktails, as they come into contact with sugars and alcohol and easily loose strenght. The, Bicarbonate would give a salty nuance that might not be the best with gin, lemon and other ingredients. 

If you are a professional bartender or coffee manager, you are supposed to taste waters as spirits or coffees. Bicarbonated water, instead, are great with ginger slices, mint leaves, lemon. 

After having evaluated bicarbonate, you have potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals. Calcium gives a kind of salty taste. Try to choose according to it. 

Then, usually waters coming out cold from source are usually lighter. 

If you have a restaurant, a heavy bicarbonated water would easily replace wine. Clients should have 4 choices: 2 natural waters (1 very rounded water, and 1 very light from snow), and 2 different sparkling water: 1 heavy bicarbonated, 1 lighter with small bubbles. You can create your mix any time: ⅔ sparkling and ⅓ natural is a good proportion to mitigate. 

Finally, the temperature is key. At environment temperature any nuance becomes evident. Around 18 degrees it should be fine. Never too cold. Better adding ice cubes a part at choice of the client. 

A glass of water served like a whisky is very exclusive. I love ice. I love feeling the different temperatures in the glass mixing together. 

The important aspect is to write the difference in the menu and give value to your offers. 

Last but not least; I use sparkling water with added vitamins, minerals, superfoods for sport. I prefer heavy bicarbonated with high potassium, for digestion and muscles. It would be interesting to make a specific comparison. I now tasted something like ten waters altogether. 

Drinking is a very important action during the day. Drinking the right fluids will condition your belly and body retention. I never “waste my time” drinking simple water. I add proteins, preworkout, multivitamins, or I drink coconut milk and water, cokezero. I also drink smoothies. Which are water enriched of fructose and vitamins. 

Water costs a lot. Water is annoying to be bought. A box of water each time. I would prefer to have in my home a big glass distributor with many liters and take my needed quantity each time.

Water distributors could become a design object very easily. Made like a temple column, a statue or an Empire State Building, they could also be nice at home. 

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