Pesto alla genovese reinvented

The traditional recipe is under. My corrections will show the new recipe.
source: GialloZafferano Italian popular cooking website.

I reinvented the famous and yummy “pesto alla genovese” in international way, more proteic and suitable to dress not only pasta but also other dishes based on fish and white meat.

My new recipe is also precious for people intolerant to lactose and for weight watchers, such as models.

In Italy, in Genova, some very traditional chef add to the pasta dish also some potatoes and “fagiolini” (green long beans). Nice green taste.

Garlic is left at your own choice. It gives a strong flavour and completely changes the balance of the recipe. Use it under an antioxidant nutrition plan.

My grandmother used to do it to dress boiled meat (bollito) with only petersilie without pines and cheese, with some cooked eggs apart (uovo sodo). It was nice, too.

The costs of this recipe varies depending on where you go shopping.

Use 1 ice cube to keep temperature low if possible and to not burn/oxidate herbs while mixing. Or mix quickly.

Once you have done it, you can put it into refrigerator.

My Additional SuggestionsThis combination is valuable also for cold pasta dishes for appetizers. Apart some ginger chips and sword fish cubes or branzino would be perfect.

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