Beauty as a diplomatic and negotiation tool

Article taken from Corriere della Sera.
Graffit Art in Parma suburbs

The positive effects of Beauty can not be measured.

When you have beauty in your life and your country there are always cards to be played and possibilities to be investigated.

Beauty expresses in many ways and one of these is art. When an American representative comes to Italy, namely Rome, he is usually led to the Sistine Chapel as welcome tour.

We don’t know if he got bored or amused, but the “cultural artistic shower” under the drops of beauty will certainly be remembered.

The point of this short post is that it is never wasted time, the time and money people spend to improve their beauty or to bring some more beauty in their lives through cultural events.

It is true that today the traditional artistic tourism has changed. We now appreciate virtual tours on devices rather than going personally on place. Today, you go on place only to look for what you already know.

Today artistic tourism is focused. Today you prepare yourself at home on the web and you go directly where you want. Seeing a place is not “a must” any more.

The demonstration is that you become someone like Blinken without having in your curriculum having seen the Sistine chapel.

Meantime, The demonstration that Art is an important tool of communication and expression is in all the graffiti around the world. People need an artistic way to express their desires, needs. As people need music. People need to express themselves, to communicate and create relationships. Art can never be disregarded to this extent.

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