How to defecate regularly and plan defecation

How to defecate regularly every day.

Multicereal bread

In my long life, I missed my daily date with defecation only when I was imprisoned. In REMs in 2019 (a place in Italy for the enforcement of security Measures towards dangerous people) I defecated each 3 days with a lot of difficulty, even if we had vegetables to eat. This means that eating vegetables itself is not enough. The Apart for that period, I never had problems.

Good defecation is manifestation of good belly. To regularly defecate you simply need to care about nutrition and, if necessary, make some exercises that stimulate belly. Exercise are very easy, some twist of the waist and of the back. Some exercises against the wall with high legs. 

About nutrition. To regularly defecate you have to eat a lot of a few things. This means that eating complex meal with many ingredients in small quantities (pasta dishes, salads, dessserts) will only generate confusion. 

On the contrary if you eat 400 gr of one element for example fish or meat, digestion will be easier.

Then, it is true that some food have more fiber and help evacuating. These foods are: peanuts, black bread (integral with segale), white berries and other sweet fruits like figues, cachis, bananas, fish (in particular salmon), linen seeds and other seeds in the quantity of more than 100 gr, integral multi cereal biscuits. These foods make you defecate within 4-6 hours. Deshidrated figues and dates. 

Foods that are against evacuation are: cheese, lemons and acid fruits like pomegrenate and grapefruit, complicated pasta dishes, pizza. These food prevent from early defecation. 

Then there are regulators, balancing the belly, such as ginger, good honey, yoghurt, rice, some vegetables like cauliflower, Algas spirulina, spinaches, chickpeas and legumes. These food simply helps being stable. If you eat a lot of these food, you can not foresee when you will defecate. 

Alcohol is usually against defecation and for water retention. With the exception of red wine. Red wine can help. 

All that said, if you have digestion problems, you can simply take some Bromelin and Papaine (from pineapple and papaya). As a general rule, eating fresh Fruit always helps. Eating sweet is more effective than eating salty, as you have less retention and more fiber. Eating fresh fruit in the morning will lead you to evacuate within the evening.

Oranges and apples are not comprised in these foodS. You will not evacuate with an orange juice. Fruit juices do not help. Only fresh sweet fruit. 

Finally, combining some nuts with fresh fruits and/or multi cereal bread will surely stimulate within a couple of hours. 

Not oat. If you eat muesli with oat in the morning you will not defecate early. In fact oat is suggested to go running and practice those activities in which you can not have defecation problems.

Please, note that PSICHO pharmaceuticals give problems to belly, as they interrupt Neurons transmission and make everything more difficult. Circulation and body pressure are slowed down. Better avoid PSICHO pharmaceuticals and use big quantities of Herbs as replacement.

If you need to replace PSICHO pharmaceuticals for any reason, write me a detailed email and I will take into consideration your case. As I am not a certified doctor, it will be at your own risk to call me.

If you want to stay inside the comfort zone, just follow all the traditions and rules given by society, laws and grandmothers or anxious mothers and fathers. No need to “run wild” looking for your own truth and “personal Jesus”.

Life is also made of risks.

You live according to the risks you are willing to take.”

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