How to choose pizza for weight watching

Fresh pizza from normal Italian bakery

This is the kind of pizza to be avoided if your goal is losing weight.

Let’s see why:

1) it is 1 cm thick, almost all bread with oil;

2) it has levitated only 1 day;

3) it has commercial mozzarella.,

4) it is poor in tomato.

It makes you thirsty. When cold you can not eat it because the commercial mozzarella becomes like plastic.

When cold, a bad Dough stays elastic. A good one becomes crispy. The ones that stay elastics and gummy are full of oil and gluten.

A good pizza is good also when cold. It is thins a few millimeters and you can still appreciate the good quality tomato. When cold, a good mozzarella stays soft and does not lose the salted milky flavour.

This kind of pizza is a brick for your belly. Comparable to low quality chips.

If you like this kind of pizza, you can do it your own. You simply buy the bread, then you add some concentrated tomato and fresh mozzarella. Put in the oven for some minutes and you have it.

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