My gourmet sandwiches

Three panini by chef Joe Bastianich, Bruno Barbieri and Carlo Cracco at Masterchef Italia

Sandwiches can be gourmet and a special edition of Masterchef Italia has been dedicated to sandwiches.

Here under the proposals of the three big chefs:

Respectively: 1) one big classic 3 levels club sandwich (CRISPY DUCKS) enriched with duck, special sauce and avocado, 2) one Arabic full cereal bread with oriental mix of beef meat (PASTRAMI) and veggies such as manzanas with pfeffermint and chicory, 3) European sweet and sour white bread sandwich with tuna (VENTRESCA) and sweet onions, caramelized pistachios and red hot chili. (Note that: The translation is not complete, some details are missing)

Sandwiches Bastianich, Barbieri, Cracco

They are all very sofisticated. I will provide full translation of the recipes. I would choose 1) as first Bastianich, because more “yummy” and full in taste. Simply a great fulfilling sandwich! 2) Barbieri, because I love Arabic combinations for their raw energy, 3) Cracco as last one because his sofisticated sweet and sour proposal is more for appetizers than for a meal. The size would be ideal in small breads to be eaten in a couple of bites for explosion of full taste. Cracco proposes fumé chili, that is something very unusual, giving the sandwich a background taste of “tobacco”. Ideal choice for rum drinkers.

About my gourmet sandwich, I have two proposals: a more traditional one and an exotic sweet and sour one.

Traditional (full Italian sandwich)

– bread of segale and sesame;

– subtle sweet Parma ham with hot burger of scampi and salmon and calamari (it is a great mix I already tested);

– burrata with black pfeffer;

– erba cipollina if you need to add a fresh green taste.

Exotic (Caraibic and Thailand flavours)

– integral olive bread;

– burger of branzino and persico;

– sauce of senape, mango, coconut and curry

– mix of peppers (Rose and white) with (sage?) and chia seeds.

Both my sandwiches are highly proteic. Very digestive with special breads. Low gluten both.

A special recipe for truffle (tartufo) with cornetto cereals bread.

– (European walnuts?) and linen cornetto bread;

– full egg, rana pescatrice and swordfish burger;

– 1 slices of fried sweet American potato

– white truffle with sweet olive oil

– coconut cream with nutmeg

(Last Recipe under revision)

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