My fresh cornettos or black bread slice

When I do not have my banana, I have the pleasure of having a good cornetto.

Integral multicereal as a base, or vegan and classic simple, to be filled in by me. If I don’t have a cornetto, I replace with a black bread multicereal (segale mainly) slice or with multicereal dry biscuits.

Back to cornetto, hereunder all the ways I have the pleasure to fill it:

1) grated coconut and honey (all seasons), 2) apricots and honey (summer), 3) cocoa (all seasons), 4) nuts (peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts) and honeys (all seasons);5) fresh berries mix with Tilleul or bright honey (summer) , 6) fresh black figues, peanuts and dark honey (autumn), 7) dates and peanuts (all seasons), 8) cachis and honey (autumn).

Or, if you like figues as I do, instead of buying marmelade, you can buy deshidrated ones and add water for around 6 hours. Then smash. You will have your marmelade without added sugars and preservatives. Honey is a natural preservative.

These are all very hydrating fruits. Very rich in properties such as potassium.

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