My fresh cornettos or black bread slice

When I do not have my banana, I have the pleasure of having a good cornetto.

Simple, Integral multicereal, or vegan, in each case to be filled in by me. If I don’t have a cornetto, I replace with a black bread multicereal (segale mainly) slice or with multicereal dry biscuits, such as Grancereale.

Back to cornetto, hereunder all the ways I have the pleasure to fill it:

1) grated coconut and honey (all seasons),

2) fresh or deshidrated apricots and dark honey (summer),

3) cocoa (all seasons) and pecan nuts ,

4) nuts (peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecan) and dark or bright honeys according to the nuts, (all seasons);

5) fresh berries mix with Tilleul or bright honey (summer) ,

6) fresh black figues, peanuts and dark honey (autumn),

7) dates and peanuts or pecan nuts (all seasons),

8) cachis and honey (autumn).

Or, if you like figues as I do, instead of buying marmelade, you can buy deshidrated ones and add water for around 6 hours. Then smash. You will have your marmelade without added sugars and preservatives. You can do the same with dates and obtain a rich dates syrop that can be used on frozen yoghurt with success.

Honey is a natural preservative.

Healthy note- These are all very hydrating fruits. Very rich in properties such as potassium. Good fats, of the monounsaturated type, good for brain, body pressure and colesterol. Very caloric. Ideal against hunger when you can not eat regularly. They are all fine with belly, not creating any air for digestion.

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