My veggies shortlist

Vegetables are a lot, but I selected only some which are very versatile and rich both in taste and properties.

avocados (all seasons, ideal for smashed sauces, full of Omega 3 and useful fats )

cucumber (fresh in slices for combinations with Kebap and red meats, or for smoothies and skin)

white cauliflower (raw with lemon and black pfeffer or fried, antioxidant)

spinaches and algas (fresh as depurative salad or cooked as cream with petersilie, black pfeffer and garlic, antioxidant and full in minerals)

sweet American potato (for special decoration chips for fish or sweet sour combination with paprika )

chickpeas, black beans, white beans, corn (cooked or in cream to complete meat and fish meals, very proteic and complete with carbs).

Ginger chips are always fine.

Tomato only under the “concentrato” or ketchup form. Occasionally sweet small pachinos

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