What you can do with some mature fruits

What you can do with some juicy and soft mature fruits

  • with mature apricots: you can fill in a simple cornetto or put it on a black bread slices. You just press it over and add one spoon of strong dark honey. The result is phantastic. Much better than any marmelade and much healthier;
  • with mature bananas and peers: you just Smash them then add vanilla proteins and create a perfect milkshake. Adding ice and honey is a plus. Banana ones is great for muscles and sport, peer one is full of fiber to support belly, very delicate taste for children.
  • with mature white grapes: you just smash it, take the juice, add some grated ginger and ice. Moreover: With some good spiced gin (AmuerteWhite, Bombay Sapphire, others) it becomes a great cocktail. It has natural afrodisiac effects. It is good with a fish dinner. Moreover: For a more sofisticated cocktail add some white melon. Moreover: For an antioxidant smoothies add green apple.

Mature fruits is very sweet, very rich in minerals, very hydrating, but mostly it can be smashed easily.

Finally, Mature fruits, such as apricots, pineapple, watermelon, melon, figues, can be eaten with spoon or even directly with mouth.

It is a rule of the galateo to eat even fruits with knife, fork and spoon, but it’s practically a strategy of survival. Galateo Made elegant what is needed to survive. Usually, the fruits skin (called zest) could contain pollutions stuff. For this reason, even if full of fiber for belly, it could be avoided. Your choice. Fruits skin usually inflates belly. It fermentates and needs more to get evacuated. Fiber is always also in the pulp of fresh fruit. All these get wasted in smoothies, where the machine keeps only the purified juice. For all these reasons, you need a lot of fruits to make one smoothies.

Last but not least, bringing food directly to mouth is a sexual invitation. Using forks or spoon is for formal diplomatic conversation.

APart for this: how does the skin taste? Is it worth eating?

It is up to you to choose your best way. In my experience, fruits, even unwashed, if taken from biological fields, can be completely eaten without bacteria problems for belly. I tried wild fruits from random trees.

For an enhanced nutrition, though, zest must be eliminated. Eat only the best part of the fruits. Have you tried eating 1 kg apricots’ pulp without zest? Try. Your skin will start tightening. The vitamins and acids will enter into action. The belly will not confuse them with zest and will not waste time in disgregation.

Zest of agrumes, instead, can be used for cocktails or grated as a spice or treated with sugar (canditi). Some Fruits skins contain oils to be extracted.

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