How to make cold and hot cappuccino with proteins

How to make cold and hot cappuccino:

2 measure (gr 40×2) of valuable whey vanilla Proteins slow release or casein (Scitec, Watt)

1 measure (40 gr) of Instant coffee (Nescafé for milk or Illy classic)

Shake separately the coffee and the proteins, then add the proteins to coffee in order to keep the nice foam created by shaked coffee.

It can be made successfully also with grain coffee (caffè d’orzo) for any problem with caffeine.

For hot version, you need special proteins (like Scitec and AllMax), which can resists to hot water. Many proteins agglomerate into plastic stones. These proteins can be found only in sport nutrition shops or on the web.

Additional note:

Very interesting with coconut powder milk, where 1 measure of proteins is replaced by coconut powder (to be bought on Amazon).

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