How to use ricotta: sweet and salty desserts

With a good buffalo or sheep ricotta (more salty) or cow (more neutral milk taste), which when it is really fresh is very soft, just put the ricotta in a nice bowl and cover it with your best honey and dried fruits. The Buffalo and sheep ricotta are known to be more digestive, but if the product is really fresh, with enzymes inside, also cow will be fine. It is like yoghurt. You have different ones.

If you have good proteins available, you can prepare a cream (topping) to put on the ricotta. For example, vanilla and strawberry proteins, dates, or vanilla and chocolate pieces.

Finally, you can crumble over them, in addition, multigrain biscuits (such as Gran Cereale in Italy but available on Amazon) and add a chocolate cream (always made with honey and cocoa) or honey upon your taste. Even a millefeuille or a dry croissant. If the ricotta is really fresh and soft, balsamic vinegar is also very good on it. About balsamic vinegar, instead of the international glassa (too sweet) take some balsamic vinegar and melt with honey. A bit of cherish original syrop to give the background taste of cherry that a balsamic vinegar usually have from wood. I didn’t have the time to find the right match, but a wild tobacco honey or melata could be fine.

In all three cases you will have a light and protein dessert. The lactose in cottage (ricotta) cheese is not as harmful as that in milk. Ricotta is very digestive and has a higher protein content. I don’t know the chemical reasons why this lactose transforms, but it is a fact. Milk often causes intestinal problems, ricotta does not.

Avoid making the usual cakes. Avoid putting the ricotta in the oven. Avoid putting it in the dough. Ricotta should be used fresh.

Ricotta can also be used in a salty version, of course. Just as usual add some seeds (preferably chia and poppy), a good salt, a good pepper and dried fruit such as peanuts or soy beans or roasted corns. Maybe fresh cucumber and black sweet olives (not the green acid ones!). You will have a crispy soft proteic result.

Lastly , ricotta can even be shaped artistically for your dinner with friends. You can put it in a small shaper for plumcakes and take it out. If you put it 1 hour in the refrigerator you will also have a kind of fresh dessert in place of ice cream.

100 gr ricotta with added honey (3 small spoons), nuts (around all 30 gr) and proteins (40 gr) will be around 600 good healthy and rich kcalories.

Note from Google:

In 100 grammi di ricotta di vacca c’è un apporto di circa 146 calorie, così ripartite: 67% lipidi, 24% proteine e 9% carboidrati.

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