How to use and combine oils

Oils are magic essences extracted from nature with great powers. 

I experienced various oils for different purposes. 

In food, sesame oil and linen oil are great for fish and vegetables. Very proteic and full of important omega 3 for body tissues. Sesame oil has a very interesting smoked taste, matching well with salmon and many dishes. Linen oil has a bitter taste that can be combined best with creamy tastes. It is great for belly issues.

Avocado oil has a very neutral taste, is full of omega 3 and can be validly used in place of olive oil in everything, except fried. Sunnyflower and Peanuts oils are the great ones for frieing food.

Then, Coconut oil is really versatile. It can be used for desserts (crepes) or it can be used for body cleaning and hydration. Added to some water it soothes skin and hair and can also be used to nurture leather together with avocado oil or to wash objects. I tried to use it to clean dishes and it magically melted away honey. I used coconut on irritated weakened red skin and got good results in some hours only for hydration and antiseptic effect. A wounded skin need two things: gentle cleaning from bacteria (antiseptic necessary without alcohol) and highly hydration to regenerate tissue. For this reason Roses water is always gentle. Coconut oil is antiseptic and hydrating. Lavender is anestetizing.

Finally, then, Lavender oil and Rosa Mosqueta Oil are great for skin recovery. I treated psoriasis with lavender. It has a calming effect. And I treated “smagliature” (small scars of stretch marksman ).

In emergency, having to create my own body water, I put some hand igenizer containing alcohol with fresh lavender for some hours. Really astonishing result.

I would create my waters like following:

  • Roses water plus coconut oil plus lavender oil (antiseptic and soothing)
  • Roses water plus avocado oil plus coconut oil (highly hydrating). Some drops of castor oil can be added for a further enhanced effect.

Lemon can be used to cook raw food. I use it with both meat and fish like in tartare or carpaccio. Of course, always great for cocktails and in the morning as belly cleaner. It is hard against teeth, though and it burns little wounds, if any, in hands and nails. When I used to wash my hands, I had a great result for smell, but some burning around nails. Regenerating skin is harder with lemon on it.

Among other products, ialuronic acid is surely the most effective on skin. 

Ginger, when fresh, can be used in place of lemon even for cleaning teeth. In addition, ginger is great for throat. It immediately disinfects.

Castor oil is specific for eyebrows and sexual activity.

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