Interval muscles building

Interval approach” is very effective. Both in fasting and in training. It gives the time to adapt to change while keeping direction and goals.

It is since 3 months that I am experiencing how much to eat and train to keep fit and build muscles, when all you do is only workout.

I don’t move. Never. Like a prisoner. Or an astronaut. All day sitted in my car. I only go out for workout and some shopping sometimes. 

In my condition you can seriously verify the effectiveness of food and training. 

I can confirm my muscles are growing while I am keeping shredded. It is a slow process, but it is concrete. It is the interval approach to muscles building and recovery.

What I do is make a high intensity training, then leave the body rest all day to accelerate recovery and building.

If you train hard to failure, you need some day rest sometimes. The only solution is to rest as much as possible between trainings. I can not Compare to other athletes I do not know, but I can say it works.

How do I measure?

With clothes. I now wear the same size but in different way. It means I am gaining mass in the right points. I will measure the body very soon. Legs are the last ones. First you build core and shoulders, then triceps and quads. ABS must be kept with everyday attention. They are the first to disappear either under water retention or simply losing thickness and definition.

I also keep an eye on heart rates and make some running sometimes.

I also look at veins and face. As long as I see veins and as long as my Face is dry, it is fine. I do not oblige myself to sleep or to be awake. I simply sleep when needed. Usually 3 hours a day or up to 5 but divided into 2 tranches. Usually 3 hours from 23 to 1:00 and 2 more hours from 6 to 8. More or less. I simply follow my Body and Mind flow. 

I check my shit daily. I also check how often I evacuate liquids. Usually 1 shit and 3 liquids a day. 

I check hydration of skin in all body and keep hydrated. As a female, I forget to have periods. I do not even realize. No pain at all. But periods are there. Regularly. This is good health evidence.

Then, what else to check? I do not need painted nails. I do my shaving and toilette. I wash my clothes. I wash my car. I keep hair cut and colored. I keep nails cleaned. Should I have an important date, I guess my host would pay for a good place with shower and aesthetics if needed. 

My car needs some restructuring, but it’s “walking” and sheltering me from outside. For survival in extreme conditions, this is “enough”. This is also an evidence of great health. Many people lose control of their life, even when living in a comfortable house or among “lovely” people.


I do not use sex as a payment method. I don’t do it, because I can not easily measure the effort and the gain. I am not an official sexologist.

When I tell people I am available to talk about sexual issues, they are never available. They simply need some material sex done. So, how do they expect to have “some material job” done from an athlete? “Some material job” can be done by anybody.

Under these conditions, I would do sex under payment only with a big payment or a recurrent comfortable payment and the job should be “comfortable”.

No pain, no gain”

Sex is not worth unless it changes your life significantly. When you start doing sex for remuneration, it is a loop you do not get out easily. 

is a quote for sport, not for sex.

It is something you can do for a limited period in life, as long as your body is appealing. So, either it is worth, or better don’t even mix.

Veins at rest, before training.
Dry hand and fingers.

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