The point on Body Shaping and Building for any good reason

What nobody tells you.

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Everybody wants to be right, but the truth about a serious body sculpting that comprises flexibility and endurance is that bodies, female and male, are genetically different.

These are some of the tools with which I enhance my functional training flow. Dumbells missing.

Men are naturally stronger than female. About flexibility they are the same. About endurance, men are slightly more resistant than women. There is a huge gap in muscle strength. 

Yesterday I was in the park. A young male slim guy could perform pull-ups better than me, after months of training.

Premise: I do 100 push-ups in one shot and keep on training up to muscles failure. That made me realize that this gap can not be filled anyway. It is also true I gained around 10 cm flexibility in only 6 months.

The perfect workingout, the one that reaches goals in the shortest time, is for women an integration of yoga and bodybuilding, my EnhancedYoga flow and my Weightlifting flow for example. 

For men, it is calisthenics integrated with bodybuilding. Calisthenics gives the same flexibility of yoga through harder exercises that develop muscles quickly and make lose fat. Crossfit is a midway that can be practiced only by trained people who move correctly. The kind of jumping sequence is great for heart and fat burning but not as effective for joints and flexibility. Spinning is also great must be integrated with upper part body training and proper stretching. 

All other activities (from Zumba, pilates to water gym or simple bike in the city) are very good to keep moving and stay healthy and active, not to body shaping. 

My strong male side naturally brought me to evolve over yoga and sports since 2016 and gradually create this functional training flow with weights, which works and helps to prepare to other harder activities. I selected a few yoga asanas and a few bodybuilding exercises and melt them together in a 1 hour totalbodyworkout job. (Even 20 minutes possible for simple maintenance).

Summing up:

Calisthenic/crossfit and yoga are the first step to get into shape and stay healthy.

Body building and weight lifting are the last step to anybody wanting to build a “monumental” body only for beauty and fashion purposes. 

Last but not least, my kind of workout is great for sexual activity. Body endurance and flexibility combined together allow higher performances and a deeper or more explosive pleasure.

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