Dreaming day by day

This is one of my international trainer.

I appreciate very much the pragmatic approach of one of my trainers.

He says he has no dreams, but it is not true. He had the dream of the house and he built it. He prefers to stay low profile toward the project to avoid boosting the Self unusefully.

Having goals means having a plan.

Having a plan means having a project and a way to realize it.

Having a project is the realistic aspect of dreaming. If you can not turn a dream into a project, you will never realize it.

The dream is the vision, the feeling, the intuition.

The project is the concrete to-do-list.

From a daily point of view, focusing on goals is the best way to build the dream. The most modern problem solving theory is to divide complex situations into specific problems and solve one by one.

In sport and bodybuilding some results can be predicted, other no. Body reactions are to be observed day by day. The workout must be intensified or lightened according to muscle endurance and pain.

I suggest training almost every day with interval training and some HIIT to everyone.

Everybody should challenge his own breathe, his own endurance and his own elasticity. The method is to push some exercises until “high tiredness”, then calm down in stretching, then repeat.

This method is great for everybody. You can not but improve your standards by doing this.

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