The war prices and products differentiation

I take around 2-6-8 pills a day containing different kind of caffeine and never miss my 4 hours sleep.
To stay awake I need to take more or to use nutrition shops purified products such as Scitec’s and BiotechUSA.
These products can be used to balance mood.

It is not true that in supermarkets you spend less. It depends on products. As far as specific integrators are concerned, the offer by supermarkets and pharmacies is less wide, with lower quantities, lower quality and higher prices. But you find single elements. I nutrition shops you hardly find each of them separately.

You find a plethora of micro products that needs to be Wisely combined and adjusted in quantities to get what you have with 1 scoop of good pre workout by nutrition shop.

I just made a quick tour in some of the major supermarkets in Italy.

They all miss the activators. They all miss those complementary stuff which are needed to really boost methabolism.

You can be safe with those products. You will never take too much or too many. But you will spend a lot of money. A few pills of spirulina, guarana and Vitamin C being around 10 euro. “A lot for not that much”. A pure spirulina soup made from spirulina powder, is more intense. (For full recipe please ask)

They tell you usually to take 1-3 pills a day. I already took 5 added to other pills and only did intellectual job under the sun. No workout test. After 2 hours I already feel hungry.

I am working on my personal pre and post workouts with all the products I am finding in supermarkets. When you have a good preworkout, you can add it to proteins and make a unique shake. Today I am testing Isostar. Not bad. The Lemon base can be easily improved. It soothes thirst immediately. It is high in magnesium.

2 scoops in 400 ml water to have a tonic water Schweppes effect.

Wellness is a big business. Supermarkets and traditional food keep people mood “low”, “peaceful” with “light” products. They are right in a way, as nobody is there to give instructions.

But what about alcohol then? Is there anybody saying “this wine bottle is too good and tricky ?” Or saying “do not buy and drink more than 1 bottle of beer?” Or “did you know spirits have 40% alcohol, wines 14% and beers 6%”? So, no real reason to have depotentiated integrators when you sell all kind of alcoholic drinks.

Then, no matter where you buy them, to enhance body and “never get ill” and “get rid” pharmaceuticals as much as possible you need to seriously set a budget for integrators. It is the “prevention approach”.

Do it before, because then it is too late.

It is chemical. It is science. It is nutraceuticals. It is using food as pharmaceuticals.

Then, please stop saying 3 coffee a day is too much. Stop! To boost methabolism we have to take integrators with green coffee or caffeine or guarana which is a replace of caffeine.

Around 60 euro per months should be spent in integrators in Italy to “integrate” organic food.

These integrators can vary according to specific needs, but basically they must always comprise

1) one drenating superfood for circulation of all body (useful also for men) as activator of other products such as Antistax

2) one combination of boosters for mind job and muscle tiredness (guarana, green coffee, green tea, maca, ginseng),

3) proteins and aminoacids under the form of BCAA or of whey proteins,

4) one combination of magnesium and potassium plus multivitamin (good for women’s cycle and muscles breaks “crampi” for men).

Then, you can add special digestive integrators such as papaine and bromeline, carbon and aloe.

Ginger is always great. Strong Antiseptic. It keeps everything cleaned. Use it fresh in smoothies and drinks at any hour. It is also indirectly good for tissues and joints.

Other integrators are much more specific and focused on specific issues, such as curcuma, creatina, citrullina, selenium, manganese, chrome, zinc, folic acid, q10.

The point is you have main stuff and you have activators and facilitators of main stuff. Supermarkets products miss activators. Therefore you can sleep well. You will never have negative side effects by taking some more.

Last but not least, if you really have a few money left, some key foods are eggs, peanuts, bananas and other rich fresh foods, black bread, multicereal biscuits.

A fresh Coke Zero with added Fenilanina is always helpful for digestion and mood.

Remember that with some lemon, good honey and black pfeffer you do a lot of things with vegetables, fish and meat. They are also antiseptic and stimulators.

If you can afford coconut and avocado, take them. They are know to be very calorific, but Their long chain carbohydrate, omega 3 and antiseptic effect is fine for everyone even on a weightloss diet. Good quality calories.

Finally, about alcoholics. They can be drunk sometimes according to your activities and goals. Alcohol must be planned. “Drink responsibly” is the quote. Each time you have alcohol you need to compensate. It is fine to drink it after a good event, if you plan to have a relaxed day afterwards with a light workout. Alcohol is all carbohydrates with some antiseptic and sedative stuff. It slows down metabolism instead of boosting. It can be used in place of pharmaceuticals, with attention not to get addicted. It interacts with other boosters of metabolism generating a conflict. In the first phase it helps superfood to be absorbed, therefore you will have explosive energy, but later it will generate a “brain loop”. A brain loop is for example when you want to sleep but you can not and you have headache or some nausea. The consequences of brain loops are not predictable. Brain is not a normal muscle. I have to confess I got drunk several times in my early 20es. Drunk up to “lost consciousness”. I didn’t lose my Brain. I got graduated and did a lot of intellectual job. I don’t know if without getting drunk I would have been even more performing than I am. But I am a performing person. Very sensible to sounds, smells and tastes. For sure I know that getting drunk made me access a different mind dimension, that I sometimes miss. But I have no reason today to access that dimension again.

Usually alcohol must be drunk only with proteins and some selected fats. Red wine with red meat. White wine with fish and veggies. Beers with everything. Cocktails with some nuts, crispy corn, finger food, selected chips, shrimps.

In daily life, Smoothies can replace water and veggies in meal. A green apple Fennel white melon ginger smoothie can be taken with anything.

A pomegrenate black Berrie Orange juice can replace red wine.

A white grapes ginger smoothie can replace white wine adding some good sparkling water.

Analcoholic beer is not bad in taste.

The smoked effect or the bitter taste is easy to be reached. Products as Bolero help a lot.

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