Choose Luxury

Each time I go shopping in a trade center my mind gets over stimulated by all the different products and details and I can not but think to people, to economics and to the world.

Sit comfortably. Take your time.
Treat yourself well. Look for luxury everywhere. Luxury can be around the corner.
Don’t choose basing on your real wallet only.
Choose on emotions and on dreams.
Choose the best.
Never be envious of what is better or higher. Try to afford it.

How it goes really?

Why do we pay certain prices?

Who wins? The ones who spent left or more?

Is there anything moral or immoral in abundance of products?

The answer is that the consumer should not worry too much on the balance of the world, because industries take decisions based on numbers. High numbers. Therefore, if you choose a product for any reason (it is less expensive, it has more quality) it is your private affair and should not become a “movement”. As soon as you build a movement of consumer of any kind, marketers and industry will start moving around it and it will simply become the new business opportunity. Then you will have international entities certifying quality. A business to grant the business. You will have more products similar to the one you have chosen and the trade show will continue.

This is how “the invisible hand”’of Adam Smith works. For this reason, you would better keep focused on your goals and your wallet, without caring too much about philosophical issues behind it. Simply buy what you need and write your reviews. The market will tune on the new trends. 

Many lobbies already lead the market: cruel free, vegan, no Nickel. 

You can build a new lobby. Is that what you want in your daily life? Do you need a new lobby to defend your private needs only because you can not choose among what you already have at disposal?

Nature gives a chance to everybody. Nature is there. Natural products are there to give you the chance to choose. Some cultures are the evidence that ancient wisdom and recipes can help you survive at good level.

So what? 

Do you need your private capitalistic lobby to have the illusion of being someone in the capitalist world where you are only the last target of the new biscuit?

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