Cleaning nails without nail polisher and why choosing classic lacquers in place of gel

These two ones are the only one necessary for a quick nails makeup.

You have to invert the normal process of painting nails. Usually you have three steps: 1) base 2) nail lacquer 3) top coat.

If you need nails lacquered for only one night and don’t have nail polisher with you, you are lucky. It is very easy.

In this case you have to 1) put top coat 2) put normal lacquer and then top coat again.

Doing this way the nail lacquers will not attach and penetrate into nails. The morning after you can simply take it away as a sticker.

Why? Because the top coat is a polymeric gel for aesthetics, while the base coat contains acids penetrating into the nails surface to increase hardness and to make the lacquers attach. It’s chemistry.

To protect nails during a dirty job, better using top coat. It is waterproof and does not allow osmosis of any kind. Covering nails with fatty oil too. Fats make other stuff do not attach.

For all these reason, washing the skin too often with antiseptic makes it weaker. On the contrary, washing skin with some oils, such as “demaquillant” keeps it protected.

For the same reason, some pharmaceuticals need gastroprotectors. Or a glass of fatty milk/coconut milk. Fats can be right. If used as protectors, cleaners, or hydration store.

Finally, plastic is good. Polymeric are a great family. Very useful in many areas of life.

All the above leads to an important choice for ladies: classic lacquers can be a great opportunity for women. Pros: 1) they can be removed easily 2) they do not weaken nails 3) they can let you change look quickly for any event.

I did gel only once and my nails came out destroyed. It is true they were beautiful, but also destroyed at the end. The aestheticians make scrubs to nail to let acids enter into nails and attach to other gel. It’s terrific. To take it out you have to erase mechanically. It can be done once before holidays to have perfect nails all the time for 1’months, but not every day. If you go on a cruise or a boat with Friends and need to be always perfect.

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