Long lasting make up

Make-up must be functional, not only beautiful. It must heal the body while using it and support your strategies.

If you have a meeting with someone, you have to know the face you will have the day after. And you have to know what he will see when near. What will remain on your face after a normal kissing. The taste of your skin.

If you stay outdoor all the day practising sport you have to use long lasting trustful products that keep grease and sweat under control, melting and fading away gradually.

High products like Chanel, Dior, Lancôme, Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent, Shiseido, Estée Lauder usually usually combine microcells technologies with oils and special absorbing formula. Keeping hydrated for soft skin and and dry at the same time is a difficult balance. This is one of the biggest difference between high quality and luxury products and others.

Then, you can choose a low quality product only for a couple of hours. It all goes on your lifestyle.

Hereunder you can see my face after 18 hours natural makeup.

If you have no money, go for a natural style and treat your skin with coconut and avocado oil. Lavender water and rose water. They have a sweet neutral perfume and nourish seriously while disinfecting. They can be used even after wax to melt away wax excess on skin. The difference with high quality products is that they do not penetrate deep. They create a protective effect on skin, so that skin can strengthen naturally. In fact coconut is often used for hair, to protect from the sun. Avocado penetrates more. To make them penetrate you need to mix them with water and some alcohol. The oxygen and carbon open skin cells by osmosis and let oils enter as much as needed.

The lesson is that there is not a single product that is better than others for any use. Products need combinations to become effective. Luxury makes a lot of research in this field, using also rare herbs. Others copy from luxury after luxury has worked. The “grandmothers recipes” are not successful. Our grandmothers aged young and were full of wrinkles with flat bodies.

No filter. 43 years old.

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