How to create or enrich your basic proteins for mass gaining and endurance

It is all very simple. Take your milk for babies, naturally enriched with vitamins and enzymes, or take other proteins on the market, and add your magic mix of grated nuts (containing proteins and carbs). You can add grated coconut and almonds. Peas, chickpeas can not be added as they need cooking. They would be a great source of proteins, but can not be eaten row. Why? The taste is bad. A milkshake is not a bitter pharmaceutical, it is also a moment of pleasure. It is psychologically wrong to eat something you do not like, when you have a pleasant alternative. Your mind deserves to be treated with respect and love as other parts of the body.

Finally, add to your proteins some superfood such as green tea and Guarana (bitter taste) or maca (neutral taste). Some papaia (for belly), some cranberry for circulation and legs.

Use a natural sweetener such as coconut sugar or some Bolero (nutrition shop only) at the flavour you love (coconut, rum, almond are great with whey proteins).

At the very end, you will not save money. All these ingredients are expensive separately, but you will have something you know.

In the same way you can create your preworkout without carbohydrates. Simply take your best vitamin mix, add potassio and magnesium and superfood.

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