How to make your coconut water

Coconut water costs a lot and is sold in small packages.

Antiseptic and hydrating water for various purposes

Luckily enough, you can do your own coconut water all the year. Simply buy grated coconut and a good Mineral water. Put 2 spoons of grated coconut in 500 ml water. Leave it rest for 1 hour. You will have your coconut water. The coconut will stay there. The fiber. If you don’t want it, you have to filter water. You can put fiber apart for the belly, in place of other vegetables such as guar gum, “crusca”. Belly need sometimes to be cleaned with “plastic products” (fiber) able to gently scratch. Plastic and gum are gentle.

Then, if you add some good flavoured gin, you will have a refreshing antiseptic water for various use. You can do this antiseptic lotion with grated coconut and fresh ginger. Two Nice results. Coconut oil can be easily added to use it on skin and hair as a “tonic” water with hydrating and antiseptic features. The smell of coconut oil is also unisex and sweetly nice.

Finally, you can use gin alone to disinfect your throat. Just drink a couple of spoons.

Never underestimate all you can do with deshidrated food and with superfood. They can replace pharmaceuticals in prevention phase and disinfecting.

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