Perfumes for dating and for design

Perfumes have a great power. Perfumes can change your mood. Perfumes can inspire people you meet. Perfumes can lead the conversation of your meeting.

It is so easy to start by saying something like “what perfume are you wearing? so nice on your skin” or “you know, I really love your perfume, shall I?”.

Perfumes are also one of the most fashionable ways for design to enrich our daily lifestyle. With a small amount of euro you can buy an appealing, useful fragrance and an object of design to decorate your house.

For example, Jean Paul Gautier devoted to the celebration of the upper body his vision of perfumes. 

Le Beau” and its sculpted body

He just came out with a couple “Le Beau” and “Le Male”, both gently sweet, that can be gifted to a couple.

“Le male” and its iconic body

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