About sweeteners and how to use them

The world of sweeteners is very wide.

I tested many of them in various ways through the years in different recipes with attentions to healthy goals.

Sweeteners can be divided into three main categories: those deriving from fruits and vegetables, Syntetized in laboratory and honeys.

Among the first ones, I successfully firstly replaced white refined sugar with row cane sugar and coconut.

Then, I used the vanilla whey proteins to create many desserts, replacing traditional creams with attention to protein intake. Vanilla whey proteins mainly contain eritrolo, a specific sugar used in the fitness field for its low impact on glycemia. Bolero is a special trademark of this kind of sugar with many tastes. You can create really interesting flavored drinks and Creams.

Then I continued to test all the natural sweeteners to create gourmet and healthy recipes.

Basically, sweeteners from vegetables are fluid and creamy, not powder. They can not be used in cocktails, for their low solubility in water, but they can be used successfully in the bakery, on bread, cornettos, cakes, or on other food such as fish and meats as sauces.

As they come from fruit, they match very well with Fruits, too, such as nuts or oranges, figues, cachis, coconut, grapefruits. They also match very well with nuts.

Each one has specific features. One is more acid, another one more sparkle, another one more bitter. All very digestive and good for the belly. The main ones are: maple syrop, barley sugar, agave syrop, dates syrop and chestnut honey.

I created special recipes with chestnut honey, dates syrop and barley sugar.

Chestnut honey alone is great with cocoa to create a kind of “Nutella” chocolate cream or directly on bread and nuts to prepare many desserts. It is great for the belly. Full of enzymes. PH basic. No proteins.

Dates syrop is very energetic and antioxidant, with a sparkling taste that is great with frozen ice cream and yoghurt. It is great also added to honey or barley sugar, to adjust the taste. Very light and digestive. PH acid. No proteins.

Barley sugar is bitter Than the previous ones. Somehow smoky. Very digestive. High in proteins. Very creamy, if left on a surface for a couple of hours it crystallizes. For this reason it is very useful on cakes and cornetto’s surface to make them sweet and decorated. The bitter smoky taste is fine with many dough. You can buy simple cornetto and test it.

The three of them are fine both with fruits, nuts, cheese and even fish in place of other sauces like mayonnaise or ketchup.

Right yesterday I tried salmon tartare with chestnut honey and lemon. Simply delicious.

I also tried different honeys (from eucalipto, acacia, lemon to tobacco, forest), maple syrop A grade and agave syrop, but went on better with chestnut honey and tilleul honey in special combinations for their specific bitter and bright taste.

Finally, coconut sugar could be used in “Batidos “ cocktails as cane sugar.

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