How to use preworkouts

Preworkout are a very special mix of energyzing stuff with great range of flavours.

According to the one you choose, they can be used 1) to keep you awake in a long trip with car, 2) to keep you concentrated on your todo list, 3) to boost your metabolism and loose weight, 4) to make you perform something without the usual tiredness, sex included. About sex performances, do not expect to gently and romantically fall asleep with your partner, until exhaustion of the awakening effect. Take it wisely.

They can be used as cocktail or a long drink. Diluiting with 100 ml or 200 ml they can become a soft drink like Coca Cola and Fanta or a cocktail like Mai Tai, Midori Sour.

The difference with other energy drinks like RedBull and Monster is that you really 1) can choose the taste, 2) can choose the sparkling, 3) they do not send you to toilet within 1 hour. Preworkouts are to be absorbed. Preworkouts are specific for workout without interruption, not for simple mind and senses stimulations.

For any recipes, ask me. I had great experiences with Scitec Big Bang and with Blood and Guts.

A trick? Customize further with ginger or with fresh juice from fresh fruits.

For any further advisory on how to choose or where to buy a pre-workout or on how to create it on your own, finally on possible recipes, just ask me.

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