Maintenance routine for muscled shredded body

Have you built your body with sacrifice and want to Keep it and come back to normal life?

It is possible with only half an hour HIT workout every day and Proteic nutrition.

Sex activity is not a workout. It is an extraordinary activity for pleasure and the calories are very variable.

Then, If your workout is really focused and you feel muscles working, then it is correct.

If your belly stays flat, then you are eating right. 


1 – Workout and repeat until you feel muscles pumping or burning. Add 14 minutes  hard cardio three times a week. 

2 – Keep track of calories.

Choose your carbs very carefully. Low gluten. Black bread only. No pasta. Yes rice. No pizza. No fried  chips. No cheese. Tasting small quantities at your risk. 

Sweeteners mainly from fruits and honey.

Choose your proteins. Better nuts, seeds, fish, eggs and high quality meat. Whey proteins are always fine.

Better raw or roasted cooking. 

Cocktails are fine sometimes. Far from meal.

Beer and sparkle drinks like Fanta are better off. 

Wines at your risk. 

Some cornetto or baked dessert or ice creams is allowed. Alternate it with deshidrated fruits.

Do not waste calories intake with pasta, unless it is egg or proteins pasta cooked very simply. 

3 – Eat twice a day: at breakfast and at dinner. 

4 – Sleep as much as needed. A couple of hours or up to 4 – 6 hours . The main goal of sleep is inactivity. Give some hours of rest to your body in a relax position for elasticity. Muscles and tendons need to restore. Mind also needs to Clean from old emotions and unuseful data. During sleep experiences are reorganized and digested.

5 – Take your best preworkout, post workout or supplements.

Ginger, Green Tea and Guarana first. Antistax. Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin B. Keep regular BCAA. Introduce Taurine and Creatine. (Ask me for tech advisory).

6 – check your regularity with toilet, check your hands and skin, your smell and mouth flavor. Keep your body shredded. Stop any habit that makes it pumped or bulked unexpectedly.

Remember that you can workout everywhere. Yoga, planking, squats, lunges and push-ups can be done really everywhere.

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