No, no, no, there’s no limit, no valleys too deep, no mountains too high. We do what we want and we do it with pride” lyrics by 2 Unlimited.

What would you expect to find in a blog entitled “Away to Wellness”?

Why “away” or why “a way”?

Away because wellness is a journey that lasts all life, going away from a situation to embrace a new one.
A way because there is not only one way to reach wellness, but more than one and each shall find the right for his case.

Fashion, Sport and Nutrition are all immediate ways to wellness.

I am collecting here the experiences of an extraordinary period of my life started in 2016, where I could reach an unexpected balance of body and mind.

Native Italian, I love training and well eating. I also love doing things with music and blogging, as I am doing. I created a training method able to put in shape in 3 months and enhance mental abilities.

My additional passions and abilities are car driving, cooking, creating plays lists and a few graphics. I also like eyeglasses and perfumes.

I am a kind of contemporary artist, approaching many aspects of life from a scientific perspective. Just the right person for “mission impossible” hiring. Money and stable house is my only concern and limitation. My personality is strongly male, arisen from a strong female genetics.

When I first started this journey I was full of anger against people like my father. I wanted a revenge towards life. Now I sublimated that feeling into creation, but my adversity stays there, unchanged, any time I face the same mentality. You can read the #lettertomyfather in my Instagram profile @thebodyway.

It is 5:07 in the morning. These are my active hours. I sleep a few hours during the night and wake up naturally, without alarm.

All the nights I keep my eyes opened, all the days I try to sleep” Keep Control ARTBAT.

You can find me also on Spotify as Monroe.

Last but not least. One of my favorite movie is: “La Mirada del Otro” together with “Scarface”.

This is my updated social profile. I am now Axel Monroe. I have been known in the past as Amanda Nike, Chez (Claire) and Chim (Art). The name of my Honda motorbike was Mirea. My cats were Tiger, Alpha and Lily. My car is a Mercedes. I currently wear a male perfume, Paco Rabanne. My first perfume was Burberry’s, then Exotic, then a long list among which Nu, Night Poison, Black Opium and Splendide.

When I started this blog, I was in different life conditions than today. My contents are confirmed, but today would need to restyle. For any inconvenience or inconsistency, feel free to ask. I will be as exhaustive as possible.

Disclaimer: All images in this blog have been personally taken, digitally transformed by me or linked to the author.


Parma, 22.05.22 at 11:33 Confessions on Facebook

I became aware I was a man, when I made the list of all the male men I admired in music, history, sports. Male were much more than women. I lacked the blood solidarity with female. I do not care much about periods and other female aspects, such as long appealing hair.

I understand women’s instances, but do not feel empathy enough, preferring the instinctive way of men’s problem solving. I maybe started in office, with app engineers. I had better relations with them, than with others. I didn’t make career for this. As a lady, I was blamed not to be empathic and patient enough to create a team and make me follow by others. I have been a paralegal document specialist for many years. I answered I was not paid enough to have the patience they needed.

Not in Facebook only here in WordPress, 13:26 in my car

I am a kind of visionary. At that time, I had many projects also on my job. I wanted to create a paralegal official professionality together with lawyers association and university. I shared this project with a colleague, Rosalina, who was a lawyer, freely choosing to be downgraded to employee at that time. She has been the only one with which I shared almost all of my professional tips and secrets on methods, softwares and company dynamics. She was very thin, tall, short hair, passive-aggressive Type with endless dedication. Always present, with endurance, clearly following guidelines from higher, to accomplish the task. I had no more news on her after I was asked to leave office. 

Anyway, I have been always very pragmatic. When I see that something works, I immediately visualize the potential evolution into higher activity. I do not like to protect ideas too much, as I strongly believe in human progress. Without ideas circulation and application, humanity does not progress. Paternity of ideas is important, but if the creator is not the best developer, then ideas must be licensed or transferred somehow. Jealousy is for weak people, often females, afraid to lose the only great power they have, usually a strong man. 

What is right and what is wrong in exclusive rights? After some years of inactivity it is correct to transfer to someone who can make “industrial applications” of the idea. The creator shall anyway be involved for validation/improvements and shall participate to profits. 

About my project Awaytowellness, I never left it. When I was closed, I continued to write. When I came back I felt beaten and a loser. I had to speak again with my family and friends, accepting their help and judgment. That was very humiliating. I had to say “yes, yes, apologies, I was ill, I was out of control, yes, yes, yes, thank you for being here talking to me again”.

As a matter of fact, I don’t hear any of the friends I apologized with. Unuseful apologies. I would have better said “fuck you, I thought everything I said, and I am happy to tell it in face, not on the web” but I didn’t, because I felt beaten and I was really alone without money in a mental health institute in the hands of doctors. I was afraid of doctors. They state. They report. They take decisions on previous statements and reporting. It’s a chain. A tunnel of people. Not a “tunnel of love” (lyrics). You can not “jump around” (lyrics) changing from one to another one. You have to pass them all. One by one. They write on your ability to establish relationships. On your ability to become normal again. Yes, the ability to be and become normal. They organize meetings and suggest you to practice for this.You are free not to take part, but if you do not, they will write you choose not to practice. So, you have to play the role. You have to become very gentle again, the neighbor everybody would love to have. You have no other chances. The alternative is being forced to take psycho pharmaceuticals and to be compromised for life. “Ready or not” (lyrics), better trying to be ready. If they say you are not, it’s a mess.

Muscles on body support mind and impress others, but political and financial leaders do not care about body that much. They care about dress code, legal abilities, speaking abilities, ability to enter into legal actions, ability to read documents, ability to organize and manage people. Ability to generate money. Entrepreneurs are the only players able to seriously negotiate with politicians. 

A great body is winning in meetings, where words are as effective as muscles. Where thoughts are as agile as your body. In that case, you can become a real leader and the body way will be the successful way. 

It is not as thought by oriental philosophies that mind nurture body. Mind can only control what she knows about body. 

Body is a great machine. Once you have trained and developed it, it can support you far more than mind would expect. Body limits are measurable and challengeble. Mind’s limits are self limitating by definitions, by environment, by education, by fears, by interests, by love. Even by love. You do not have a real gym to safely train against love limitations. Do you? You do not have weights to safely train against fears, do you? When you challenge your mind limits, it is often request to go out of the comfort zone, becoming “borderline”. That’s risky. Training body has no much risk and give certain results. Training mind limits can incur into social and juridical punishments. When social pressure becomes high, a strong body helps more than expected. Why are there suicide? Usually, weak body people go for it. When you feel strong, you simply continue your life Match. When you have the energies to face sunrise until night, every day, then you keep on. Yoga is very energetic for thin people. Yoga is the right body tool for intellectual slim types, wanting to feel stronger and to do their duty with body. 

Weight lifting and endurance are for all others, who have a more dynamic life, facing people directly, not digitally or diplomatically. For action takers. 

Yoga/stretching/fitness/pilates is also for the recovery from many illnesses.

Another example: Fabrizio Corona, jailed for years, when photographed in good body conditions, could not change the facts. He continued to be jailed, because of bad behavior. And being in good form turned out but to be a compliment to institutions. They preserved him well. 

At the end of all this, starting from real zero may require to start from Yoga then EnhancedYoga (adding some weights), then deeper BodySculpting with functional circuits (with tools and weights). With these steps body is already fine and ready for many daily challenges. Next upgrade is for deeper love of body, wanting to become as an athlete or as a bodybuilder, for the pleasure of feeling “more” rather than “equal” or “less”. The pleasure of feeling one Self at maximum.


Here under the first video I made to find a job with the web, as soon as I had back my iPhone, pc, clothes after the closure period. It was registered in Scandiano, in an apartment shared at that time with a woman having issues. This video is the evidence that I have always been HealthY. All the time needed to evaluate my state of health is incredible. I should have been sent back immediately from Sicily after a couple of weeks. Not more. I should have been acknowledged of the truth at that time. The psychiatrist of the Court in June 2019 saw me in Rome and confirmed his ridiculous theory and I had to spend other months (up to December 2019) closed in Sicily . The Judge did not ask me anything. It was Rizzuto that time. He only listened to the psychiatrist. The judge never asked me anything about being Chiara or Amanda Nike, about any fact, about anything at all. The journey from Sicily to Rome was terrible: if you survive without complaining, you can not be but healthy (awaken 4 in the morning, all the day closed in car and small rooms without anything to eat and to do until you come back by airplane and arrive back at night). In June in Italy it is like in the desert. The car of police had no air conditioned. The retention room at the airport no Windows, no air conditioned. It was clear enough I was completely healthy under any aspects.

For video click here