No, no, no, there’s no limit, won’t give up the fight, we do what we want and we do it with pride” lyrics by 2 Unlimited.

What would you expect to find in a blog entitled “Away to Wellness”?

Why “away” or why “a way”?

Away because wellness is a journey that lasts all life, going away from a situation to embrace a new one.
A way because there is not only one way to reach wellness, but more than one and each person shall find the right formula.

Fashion, Sport and Nutrition are all immediate ways to wellness. The wellness feeling and the new lifestyle will start to arise from the main choices that you will do in these three directions.

I am collecting here the experiences of an extraordinary period of my life, where I could reach an unexpected balance of body and mind.

I am native Italian. I love training.

Disclaimer: All images in this blog have been personally taken, digitally transformed by me or linked to the author.